By Erna Malcolm

The City of Edmonton wants to raise awareness about the Private Agency Parking Enforcement program, which gives private condominiums, management companies, shopping malls, hospitals, and post-secondary institutions the authority to issue City of Edmonton tickets on their property.

What is the Private Agency Parking Enforcement program?

The Private Agency Parking Enforcement program is a volunteer program that allows condominiums, businesses and private property owners to legally enforce private parking complaints under Traffic Bylaw 5590. Volunteer staff are appointed to respond to parking concerns and are authorized — by the City’s Parking Enforcement Section
— to issue tickets to illegally-parked vehicles on the property.

The City of Edmonton started this program nearly 35 years ago, which now has over 150 agency sites and 200 volunteer officers, and aims to reach out to more properties
to educate them on how to get involved. Many of the current agencies have multiple locations enrolled in the program, with training and tools provided, free of charge, by the City.

Who might be interested in this program?

As we have seen in recent months, downtown Edmonton has undergone a significant transformation with the opening of Rogers Place and the Ice District. With the expectation of new hotels and business towers, and the expansions of MacEwan
University, Norquest College and the Valley LRT Line (linking Mill Woods to downtown), many properties and businesses could face issues dealing with illegal parking.

Currently, 60,000 people work in the core; and new developments and the arena are bringing a tremendous amount of people downtown, many of whom are looking for parking. The Private Agency Parking Enforcement program could be the solution to alleviating some of the parking woes that businesses and properties experience with a changing downtown, including areas outside of the downtown core.

With its benefits, the program ensures available parking for those living in and visiting the property. It’s an added incentive for owners and residents alike; helping curb
the abuse of disabled and visitor parking spots, and illegal parking in emergency access routes. The program encourages a safe and accessible community and provides the legal authority to issue parking tickets.

Why would you choose the program and what are the benefits?

Property management companies and businesses hoping to attract new tenants/clientele can use the Private Agency Parking Enforcement program as an incentive. The City of Edmonton provides the training and tools for free, along with providing ongoing program support. Twentyfour hour enforcement allows efficient
and effective response to the needs of residents. All volunteer officers, once sworn in, will have legal authority to issue specific sections under Traffic Bylaw 5590, and issue tickets with real and legal consequences. With the goal of combatting illegal parking behaviours, rather than issuing tickets simply for a profit. The service benefits residents
and visitors, and also helps to maintain clean and tidy properties.

What authority would you have under the program?

Agencies are authorized to issue City of Edmonton tickets on private property. They are encouraged to act within the best interest of the client. For instance, sometimes tenants
leave their vehicles behind when they move and the vehicle may become inoperable; leading to untidy properties. With the Private Agency Parking Enforcement program, before the vehicle becomes inoperable, immediate enforcement can take place, making space available for the next tenant with no delay.

How can you get involved?

Simply provide two or more trustworthy volunteers, an administrator and officer(s). There is a minimum of two people required, however more officers can be enrolled and
multiple sites can be added. At your convenience, the City of Edmonton conducts a site inspection to determine required signage. Once the application and signage is approved, volunteers attend a one-day training session.

For more information, please contact:
Erna Malcolm – Agency Officer, Parking Enforcement Services
City of Edmonton
Phone: 780-496-5174

This Article Was Originally Published in CCI’s Winter 2016 Magazine