Summer 2020


Welcome to the Summer Edition of the Insite to Condos Magazine. 

Our work at CCI North Alberta continues despite a much-changed world around us. Our new COVID-19 reality has forced us to think about how we interact, communicate, govern, and learn seemingly overnight.  CCI North Alberta’s Executive and Committee Chairs met recently at our annual retreat to help prioritize our goals, allocate resources, and determine our vision for the future. As a volunteer driven organization, we are sometimes constrained in our vision due to human and financial resources. However, despite COVID-19 and its financial impacts, our organization continues to be very strong due to the financial stewardship of our team over the past decade, and your ongoing support through your participation. Our members and our sponsors have allowed this chapter to flourish and grow, something which I am very proud of. We have increased our membership year after year and by leaps and bounds. Our advocacy as it relates to government is effective and respected. Our award-winning quarterly magazine and weekly email newsletter, which has more than 3300 subscribers and is timely and pertinent, and our education events are sold out due to well thought out and curated content from the experts. Our business support has risen exponentially because there is value in being part of this CCI community here in North Alberta. 

Over the coming months, we will continue to convert the CCI educational experience to online education. While we recognize that in-class education is important as well and has been our traditional strength, we are currently challenged on how to do this while maintaining the safety of our members. 

Our CCI NAB Executive is currently discussing our role in the education of condominium managers whether it be formal or otherwise. A strong argument can be made that CCI is the primary education provider in Alberta and should consider providing formal educational opportunities to the management industry, as well as to condominium boards and owners. Condominium Managers deserve education from a trusted source that will support and grow their knowledge and help instill trust with boards and owners. We are currently exploring what additional resources will be required as an organization.  This would be a significant and exciting change for CCI North Alberta and our organization. We hope to announce our plans in the late fall of 2020.

I strongly encourage you to consider joining CCI’s many committees or volunteering with us to help move this vision forward. Tell your colleagues, friends, and family about the work we do so we can share our educational opportunities, advocacy goals, and networking to the rest of the community.   



Anand Sharma
CCI North Alberta