Fall 2020


Our world has changed since early 2020. The impact of COVID-19 and its effects on our lives has been profound. Our personal health and economic security are under strain, and how we live and work in condominium has drastically changed. Despite the many fears and stresses we face I am amazed and moved with the stories of solidarity and support that are emerging every day. CCI North Alberta has been working hard to adapt to these changes and meet the new world reality head on even as we approach a second significant wave of the pandemic. 

CCI North Alberta, as an organization, is realigning our goals to this new reality. In July we held our annual strategic planning session which forced our executive and board to focus in on just a few areas due to COVID-19. 

As we are not able to offer in class courses yet, our focus has switched to online education which has always been a long-term goal for CCI North Alberta. We are working closely with a consultant, Gord Sheppardd, to revamp our course materials such as Condo 101, and even more specifically develop a plan to be the new education lead for condominium managers in Alberta. In the coming weeks he will be reaching out to industry experts to start this development plan and outline a module based educational program that will supplement the new licensing requirements for condominium managers that are scheduled to come into effect in late 2021. It is critical that CCI North Alberta take advantage of being the education leader in Alberta for Condominium. We do not want third-party for-profit education providers offering courses that make education unaffordable, not industry specific, and not accessible to Condominium Managers. The only way to ensure this does not happen is to develop a model that involves the best and brightest educators in our industry under CCI. 

We continue to focus on strong membership benefits even in this COVID-19 era. Providing resources and materials, tackling topics that are relevant to condominium living, and communicating important information to our members is a priority. Examples include best practices around AGMs, Condominium Licensing and what we need to know are tangible topics that impact our industry. 

On the internal side, we elected three new and three returning members to the Board of Directors. Congratulations to our long time Treasurer Barb Surry and Secretary Dawn Mitchell on their re-election along with Director Chris Vilcsak. Newly elected members include Steven DeLuca with EXP Engineering, lawyer Amber Nickel from Willis Law, and Condominium Owner Kim Clayton. We are excited to have you on board, welcome team!   Many thanks to outgoing members Rob Lafontaine and Maurice Perrault who have recently tendered their resignations. Rob is moving out of the Condominium world having served as the Board President of Le Quartier Condominiums for several years. In his short time on the Board, he has been very helpful on the human resource side of the organization, helping develop job descriptions, as we all committee descriptions and best practices. 

Maurice Perrault has led the way on Owner Initiatives on CCI as well as has been an amazing volunteer at our events. You will often find him greeting and registering attendees. 

Both Rob and Maurice will be missed, but we thank them for their efforts!

Many thanks to our amazing Communications and Administration Coordinator Beverly Thornton. Beverly has transformed our marketing and communications in our office, including impressive work on our sponsorship. Under her leadership 2020-2021 will be the most supported year yet from sponsors, which is an incredible accomplishment given the new COVID reality we live in. 

Friends, all good things must come to an end. Our longtime Executive Director of CCI North Alberta, Alan Whyte, has moved on from our leadership team at the end of September. After five incredible years with CCI North Alberta, Alan was ready for semi-retired life where he will be drinking expensive wine and organic beer with his amazing wife Cathy, throwing rocks down the ice with his curling teams to limited success, running the trails of Edmonton by himself, and secretly eating copious amounts of chocolate in between all of these life events.

While our Executive, Board and staff are very sad to see Alan leave his position, we are happy for the next steps in his journey. We know that Alan has enriched the lives of so many of us in the condominium community and that he will be missed by many. We are grateful for the past five years with Alan at the helm.

I am excited to announce that after extensive interviewing, we have found our successor. Amanda Henry is our new Executive Director, and she has already hit the ground running over the past few weeks. Amanda has an extensive background working in Government including having served as Chief of Staff for a former Minister of Education here in Alberta. She has also worked extensively with non-profits in her career which includes with working with the Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues. Our board is very grateful to have her help lead our organization to reach our potential. 

Finally, on a personal note, I am honored and humbled to have been elected as your President for another year, this being my 9th year serving as President. Thank you for entrusting me with the responsibility to lead CCI North Alberta through a critical transition for condominium, I will continue to bring the energy and effort needed to advance our industry and community needs. 

On behalf of the Executive and Board of CCI North Alberta, I am sending out my heartfelt best wishes for the health and safety of you and your families. 



Anand Sharma
CCI North Alberta