Spring 2022


As I’m writing this it doesn’t look like spring yet, but I hope by the time this issue reaches you the snow has disappeared and we’re starting to see signs of nicer weather.

CCI North Alberta continues to work hard on behalf of the condominium community here in Northern Alberta. It’s been a busy few months of education, advocacy, and supporting the condominium management industry as we transition to a licensed profession.

If you will bear with me for some news indirectly related to CCI, I was recently elected  as the Chair of the Alberta Condominium Management Education Consortium (ACMEC). ACMEC is an industry-led  non-profit education consortium that is a recognized provider of pre-licensing education for condominium managers by the Real Estate Council of Alberta (RECA). ACMEC was created to provide accessible, affordable, and quality education curated by experts in our industry.  ACMEC’s members include CCI North Alberta, CCI South Alberta, and the Alberta Real Estate Association (AREA).  I encourage my fellow condominium managers and brokers who need to take pre-licensing education to meet the conditions of their license to consider ACMEC: you can learn more about their courses at www.acmec.ca.

At the office, we are busy getting ready for the Alberta Condo Expo. This year’s expo will be on June 11, 2022 and will be occurring  both in person and online. We are doing a hybrid format to make sure members are able to participate wherever they are in Alberta and regardless of the situation with COVID-19.

We have already started planning our 2022 Golf Tournament. We are looking forward to seeing you on the green on August 26 so save the date!

With the membership year winding down, we are shifting focus to 2022-23. New members who purchase a 2022-23 membership anytime between now and July 1 will get the remainder of 2021-22 included, and existing members should keep an eye out for our early bird renewal contest.  There are still many great membership benefits for the year, including discounts on our education events and members-only pricing for the Alberta Condo Expo. I urge all members to renew early. Your membership and participation in our organization is critical for CCI North Alberta  both financially and politically. Your membership support allows us to provide a better educational experience as well as  provide courses and seminars in new ways and with new topics. Support through membership fees also allows us to advocate for the community more effectively by allowing us to engage the public through campaigns and events.  The more united we are, the more effective our efforts are in political advocacy. If you know others who may be interested in joining, please let our office know and we are happy to reach out. The membership experience is our focus, and I invite you to share ideas and thoughts to allow us to better serve you.

The last two years have been tough. The stress and uncertainty of a global pandemic and some of the other things we see in the news have taken a toll on us, and our families, neighbours, and communities. As jurisdictions across the world try to figure out what learning to live with COVID-19 looks like, we are all going to be coming through the next few months with different levels of comfort.  Let’s support one another and be kind and patient while we make this transition.


Anand Sharma
CCI North Alberta