Fall 2021


CCI North Alberta has had a busy summer as we prepare for the upcoming education year. 

Both the Executive Committee and Board of Directors held our annual strategic planning session at the Chateau Louis Hotel and Conference Centre in July. This session allowed us to review the year’s accomplishments, challenges, and set the course for the upcoming year. This year we worked with facilitator Dave Muddle and his team at M Consulting Group to focus our priorities to achievable goals. We passed a budget to reflect our priorities and commitments. Many thanks to Amanda Henry and Dave Muddle for keeping us organized and on task during our day and a half retreat. 

CCI North Alberta has been singularly focused late this summer on education related to condominium manager licensing. Our Board agreed formally to pursue partnering with an educational provider to provide courses and materials for late fall. We are partnering with CCI South Alberta and another organization to produce high quality accessible education that is offered at a low cost. More details will be revealed in the coming weeks, including our education partner and timelines for course availability. To my fellow condominium managers, I know this is a stressful time with lots of uncertainty, however, please rest assured that CCI North and South Alberta will be there to help prepare you for our new world of licensing and working under the Real Estate Council of Alberta. Our experts are working on content as we speak to ensure you will be ready in time for licensing.

Our fall education calendar has just been released, and it promises to be our strongest in years. We are very happy to announce the addition of Raffaella Loro to our staff team. Raffaella is our new Education Coordinator, and she will be assisting the Education Committee with the upcoming education events including the planning, advertising, and roll out of these events. She will also be preparing for the Alberta Condo Expo scheduled for spring 2022 in person. Welcome Raffaella! 

CCI held our annual golf tournament this year at Cattail Golf and Winter Club. It was once again a sold-out tournament featuring prizes, good food, amazing weather, and a chance to re-engage with one another! Many thanks to our annual sponsor BFL Canada, Susan Milner who filled in for me while I was unexpectedly away, and our staff lead Beverly Thornton. I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to our amazing golf committee comprised of  Kim Clayton, Jeremy Dalgliesh, Steven DeLuca, Hamish Farmer, Amber Nickel, and Jayson Wood, who worked so diligently to organize this event. Most importantly, we raised over $2500 for the Edmonton Food Bank through the strong generosity of our members! 

Our membership renewal continues! I urge all members to renew immediately if you have not done so already. Your membership in our organization is critical for us both financially and politically. The more united we are, the more effective our efforts are in political advocacy. If you know others who may be interested in joining, please let our office know and we are happy to reach out. The membership experience is our focus, and I invite you to share ideas and thoughts to allow us to better serve you.   

Finally, as we experience yet another COVID-19 wave, I am hoping and praying for the safety and good health of each and every one of you. We are living in challenging times, but I am confident we will emerge out of this a more united and cohesive world where we cherish our loved ones even more and become more interconnected as people. On a personal note, I wish to thank the entire board, executive, staff, and the membership for your ongoing support as President. As my term comes to an end, I am so grateful for the support and continue to be challenged in new ways every year which keeps me motivated. I look forward to serving the community in whatever capacity I am elected in at the upcoming Annual General Meeting being held on October 26, 2021.


Anand Sharma
CCI North Alberta