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What Membership category do you fall under? See the following options for more information about becoming a member of CCI, the benefits of membership, the fees, and the how to apply!

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Ambassador Referral Program

Current paid members will receive a $50 credit for every referral that joins as a paid member of the CCI North Alberta Chapter!

  • Credits can be used to pay for membership fees, educational or social events or advertising in the Insite to Condos quarterly magazine.
  • There are no limits to the amount of credits a paid member can receive but the credits must be used in the same fiscal year they were acquired.
  • Written confirmation will be sent from the CCI North Alberta office via email when each credit has been earned.
  • In the case of multiple referrals of the same paid member the referral listing on the application form shall be the determining factor.
  • CCI Board Members are exempt from receiving credits during their tenure.