“I don’t know how we would ever learn so much about condominium administration if it wasn’t for the CCI. Keep up the good work.”


Did you know that if your condominium is a member then all owners of the condominium can take advantage of the membership benefits?
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Valid until June 30, 2024. 

Condominium Directors have a substantial responsibility to govern and manage their corporations properly and effectively. They are called upon each day to make prudent and effective business decisions that affect the lives of all residents in their corporations. Directors need not feel they are alone. Through membership in CCI, the entire condominium corporation benefits from education and information as well as the experience of hundreds of directors and professionals.

All paid members receive the following benefits:

  • NEW – Complimentary Condo Board Basics and Best Practices for any of your Board Members and owners. This is an online course that allows you to learn at your own pace with unlimited access. This course covers the basics of Board Governance, Financial and Administrative Responsibilities as well as your Legal Obligations as a Corporation.
  • Complimentary Condo Owner Essentials Session-“Understanding Condo Living” for all Individual members and any resident/owner of a CCI NAB Condominium member. This introductory course/webinar is geared specifically for condominium owners to understand their rights and responsibilities, and how condominiums operate within the province of Alberta..
  • Discounts of up to 50% on educational courses, seminars/webinars, luncheons, and our annual conference for any Board Member, Owner, or Resident of the Condominium. Check out our current events.
  • Complimentary “Insite to Condos” Magazine sent to all Board Members on a quarterly basis with a wide range of current and informative articles and updated Business Partner Directory.
  • Members Only Resources in our Document Library on our website that includes access to a number of online resource materials only available to current Members. Also our Private Facebook Group that allows members to talk to members.
  • Access to Professionals and Businesses that specialize in various sectors of the condominium industry. Profit from their experience!
  • Legislative Updates and simple to understand explanations as to how they affect the operation of your property.
  • Member Only Discount Programs where enrolment is optional but the savings are great. Check out more details here.
Whether you are a self-managed property or have the assistance of a Condominium Manager, the logic remains the same. The more informed the Board of Directors and owners are, the better decisions they can make in the complex world of condominium living. Why not take advantage?

Full Year Membership Fees

Membership valid until June 30, 2024.

Condo 2-50 Units – $200 + GST

Condos 51-100 Units – $250 + GST

Condos 101-200 Units – $350 + GST

Condos 201 or more – $450 + GST

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Condominium Membership Package

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