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Win this Artwork for your lobby!

We are offering this piece to our members as a prize (value of $2400) to hang up on their lobby walls.
In the latest edition of Insite to Condos, we explored a novel way condos can increase their resale values.
Spending a small amount on artworks to cover bare condo lobby walls might just be an easy way to do that. Rather than simply suggesting an idea for our members – we are offering the painting from a local artist we displayed in the latest issue of our magazine.
Simply write in to CCI North Alberta and tell us about your building’s plans to help improve your unit’s values:
What have you done? How has it helped? What other work are you planning to do? Suggestions you would make for other buildings. We want to know! (

Every member of your board can write in and each email counts as an entry into the final draw at the 2024 Albert’s Condo Expo April 27th – where the Artwork will be on display. Stay tuned for information on the ACE schedule and plans!

Image of an artwork of fox in snowy mountains

About the Artist

David Schecher grew up outside Edmonton in a rural setting and spent much of his youth wandering through the fields connecting with nature. When the weather was not so nice, David was in his room quietly drawing or making noise on his Dad’s guitar. From a young age, David loved creatively interpreting what he saw of the world around him. He developed an intense interest in music and art during his high school years which led him to pursue a diploma in the MacEwan University music program and later a diploma in digital art.

With a variety of life experiences ranging from musician to structural steel fitter, film projectionist to business analyst, David is now focusing his energies into the mysterious world of contemporary painting. His paintings are intricate and open to interpretation by design. They are filled with a natural vibrancy and a sense of dynamic motion. His work is influenced by everything from post-impressionism and abstract expressionism to psychedelic pop art.

For more information or a personal showing of his work please email and please feel free to view his other works on Instagram @davidschecher.