Real Estate Council of Alberta Releases Condo Manager Licensing Information

IMPORTANT: If you are a professional condominium manager, you will be impacted by the new licensing requirements coming December 1, 2021.

On June 14, 2021, the Real Estate Council of Alberta (RECA) released details on the upcoming licensing framework for condominium managers.

Please review the RECA website for additional details.

Individuals who currently offer condominium management services who meet the eligibility criteria will be issued a conditional licence by December 1, 2021. The licence will be conditional on successful completion of the pre-licensing education exams by December 1, 2022. RECA has created a flow chart that explains the steps (depending on whether you are licensed with a different RECA-regulated industry) and it is available here.

Implications for Condominium Managers and Condominium Management Companies

You will need to hold a license to practice condominium management in Alberta effective December 1, 2021. To apply for a license you need to pass a licensing exam offered by RECA. If you meet the eligibility requirements set out by RECA, you can apply for a conditional license later this year. If you do not meet those criteria, you need to take pre-licensing education before you can take the licensing exam.  Information on how to access pre-licensing education will be made available in the coming months.

Implications for Condominium Corporations

Self-managed boards can continue to self manage.

You do not have to hire a management firm, but if you do, you must have a written service agreement with them.

If you have a manager, there may be some changes to your relationship once they are licensed. CCI North Alberta will be working with RECA to make sure condominium corporations have the information they need to navigate how the licensing requirements impact them.

Next Steps for CCI North Alberta

The Real Estate Council of Alberta has recently concluded its examination of core competencies they feel education providers and industry members must teach and understand. CCI North Alberta has been well represented by our former Executive Director, Alan Whyte, who has served as our voice on the important Condominium Management Implementation Committee for nearly 5 years. His knowledge and dedication as staff support has enabled the competencies to be more focused on condominiums. We are also grateful for the input and guidance provided by our industry council members, particularly Don Brown and Carrie Plett who are elected representatives of our industry.

CCI North Alberta is still contemplating our role as an education provider as it relates to Condominium Management. While it is a monumental task to develop courses to assist with exam preparation and licensing of associates and brokers for condominium management, it presents an opportunity for us to help professionalize and improve our industry from within our community. The alternative may be private for-profit providers who will charge fees that are prohibitive for managers to get the education they seek and don’t understand the challenges for managers and our industry. A concern is the short period (fall of 2021) that courses based on these competencies must be developed.

RECA Also formally announced the process for licensing on June 14, 2021 and confirmed that licensing of condominium managers will commence on December 1, 2021. Professionals have a year to challenge the exam(s) or complete course work prior to challenging the exam dependent on experience.