Condominium Manager Licensing

RECA Condominium Licensing Update – November 15, 2022

The deadline to complete licensing courses for conditionally licensed condominium managers has been further extended to September 30, 2023 for eligible condominium managers.

This extension will be automatically granted to associate and broker licensees as long as they are registered in all their required course(s) with a third-party course provider prior to November 30, 2022. Note that the original deadline to get registered has not changed. 

Please note that you do not have to complete Fundamentals of Condominium Management to enrol in Practice of Condominium Management. Learners do not need to notify RECA that they have enroled in a course, as course providers share enrolement information with RECA.

Those who have conditional licenses as associate brokers should review the options available to them, which is available on The Real Estate Council of Alberta (RECA) webpage – click here.

Those who have not enroled in or completed their required course(s) by November 30, 2022, could have their conditional licence suspended.


Real Estate Amendment Act Implementation

As part of RECA’s restructuring, several stakeholder committees have been struck to assist RECA and Service Alberta in implementing these changes. CCI NAB representatives on these committees include:

Election of Industry Council Members – Anand Sharma (CCI President)

Condominium Managers are grouped with Residential Property Managers to represent one of the 4 Industry Councils. This group will determine the proper election process.

Divesting Responsibility for Delivery of Education – Carrie Plett (CCI Director)

Within two years, RECA will no longer deliver education programs. This group will set the criteria for educational standards  to enable 3rd party providers to deliver the required education.

Onboarding of New Board and Industry Council Members – Susan Milner (CCI Chairperson)

This group will be developing a process to properly onboard new RECA Board and Industry Council members once elected or appointed.

Temporary Licensing for Condominium Managers

The Real Estate Amendment Act 2020 has been proclaimed and will come into force this coming December 1, 2020. At that time, RECA will welcome a modernized governance structure consisting of a Board and four (4) Industry Councils representing four (4) different industry segments. The four (4) Industry Councils are:

  1. Residential Real Estate Broker Industry Council
  2. Commercial Real Estate Broker & Commercial Property Manager Industry Council
  3. Residential Property Manager Industry Council
  4. Mortgage Broker Industry Council

Condominium managers will participate in RECA’s new self-regulatory governance structure through the Residential Property Manager Industry Council. One seat on this Industry Council has been reserved for a licensee who practices solely in condominium management.

To facilitate condominium manager participation in the election process and serve in the new governance structure, RECA’s Administrator, Mr. Duane Monea, passed Resolution 2020-9 which enacts new Rule 2.1. Rule 2.1 creates an additional licence class for condominium managers for the purposes of:

  • Facilitating condominium manager participation as candidates for election to the Residential Property Manager Industry Council
  • Facilitating condominium manager participation as voters for candidates for election to the Residential Property Manager Industry Council
  • If elected, facilitating condominium manager participation as Industry Council licensee members to serve the Residential Property Manager Industry Council
  • If appointed by the Residential Property Manager Industry Council to RECA’s Board, facilitating condominium manager participation as a Board member to serve the Board

Condominium managers who are not currently licensed by RECA are encouraged to apply for their temporary licence as soon as possible.

How does a condominium manager apply for a temporary licence?

Condominium managers can apply directly to RECA for a temporary licence by emailing and completing the application process that consists of providing two (2) documents:

  1. Valid photo identification which must be one of
    1. Canadian passport
    2. Driver’s licence
    3. Provincial identification card
    4. Treaty status card
    5. Canadian Forces identification card
    6. Firearms card

(Your identification must contain a clear photograph, your full legal name, your date of birth, have been issued within the past five (5) years, and not be expired)

  1. An affirmation containing information related to your current work as a condominium manager. This affirmation must clearly state you are currently active in the practice of condominium management and briefly summarize the activities you undertake in your service to condominium corporations.

RECA will assess your application and advise by return email whether or not you qualify for and have been issued a temporary licence.

Important note about the temporary licence:

Being approved for and issued a temporary licence for the purposes described herein DOES NOT GUARANTEE the recipient will become fully licensed when the changes to the Real Estate Act are proclaimed and the full regulation of condominium managers begins sometime in 2021. Applicants for a full licence once RECA begins to regulate condominium managers must meet all basic eligibility requirements for licensing including;

  • Being at least eighteen (18) years of age
  • Having at least a Canadian high school diploma or equivalent
  • Being proficient in the English language
  • Having the ability to legally work in Alberta
  • Meeting the standards of RECA’s Good Character Policy – this includes providing a Certified Criminal Record Check by fingerprint comparison

For full details on applying for a temporary licence and to download a template affirmation form, visit