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      Donna Gordon

      Under the new regulations coming into effect on July 01, 2019, a condominium’s bylaws are not de-registered and remain in effect, and the corporation has a time period in which to change them to conform with the new or revised legislation. However, within 90 days of the regulations coming into force, corporations must confirm all Board rules that are currently in effect and ensure that all owners and occupants receive a copy of these rules. If this isn’t done, the rules become “invalid and of no force or effect.” (Regulation sections 79.1(10) and (11)) We have a handbook of our rules, but it is not up to date and some of the rules (or parts of them) do not conform with the new regulations. Is it legally necessary to revise these rules before we send them to all owners and occupants? Or will the rules be in effect but the Act and the new regulations prevail?

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