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      Our condo building is 3 years and we have owned our unit for 2 years in November and have been requesting answers regarding these black debris since October/2018 – so we are totally frustrated. Amacon (the builder) has stated they are investigating the issue but will not let us know any of the results of the test and have not let our board know. Now the board is asking us to have the material and water tested to find out what the material is (but Amacon stated they have nothing concrete). In January/2019 we have the cold water tested thru the public health department and they confirmed the water was okay to drink. Amacon (the builder) and Rancho (our management company) has quite frustrating with no communication and no answers.
      What or where can we go from here? We are thinking it could be organic (mould) ???

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      Marcel Bonin

      We found a similar problem a few years back in a condominium complex. The building had two 80 gallon commercial hot water tanks that served the entire building. We investigated and found that although the flecks were throughout the hot water distribution system and both tanks, one of the tanks seemed to have a larger amount of the black flecks. We concluded that the tank’s glass lining was defective and the tank required replacing. We proceeded to replace the tank, thoroughly flush the system and the problem was resolved. I would suggest starting with inspecting the tanks and also as much piping as possible to guarantee it is all compatible with domestic water. Hope this helps.

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