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ORDER P2009-003

[para 22] In making this finding, I do not mean that condominium corporation
minutes are not subject to PIPA. However, so long as a condominium corporation is
carrying out its duties or powers under the CPA and does not include personal
information in the minutes extraneous or irrelevant to carrying out those duties and
powers, then it will generally not be disclosing personal information in its minutes, but
recording the action it has taken or decided to take under the CPA or its own bylaws. As
a hypothetical example, it would not be a disclosure of personal information to include in
the financial statements or minutes that the condominium corporation is taking action in
relation to a particular unit for breach of the bylaws or to record such a statement in the
minutes, but it may be a disclosure to include personal opinions about a unit owner, or the
unit owner’s financial or personal circumstances, if recording that information is not done
for the purpose of carrying out the business of the condominium corporation as required
by the CPA.

[para 23] Section 44 of the CPA contemplates disclosure of information in the
minutes in the event that a mortgagee or purchaser requests the minutes. If disclosure is
made in those circumstances, this disclosure would be authorized by statute within the
terms of section 20(d) of PIPA so long as the personal information in the minutes is
relevant to the condominium corporation’s duties or powers under the CPA.

Victoria A on April 27 2018 at 05:01 PM