CCI Admin

HI Shaune,

I helped all of the Condo Corps I manage get set up with new bank accounts. It can be an exhaustive effort as banks don’t seem to really understand how Condo Corps operate..and what our needs are.

The best so far have been:
Canadian Western
Angela Furzer | Manager Cash Management
Edmonton 103rd Street Branch
p. 780-969-1527 | f. 780-423-8811
and Servus
Amanda Batuik
Cash Management Analyst
Business – Solutions
Servus Credit Union
9109-82 ave, Edmonton, AB
T6C 0Z4
t: 780.641.8783
f: 780.469.9149

You can let them know that Rebecca from RM Trotter Managment INC referred you.


Rebecca T on November 28 2017 at 03:12 PM