CCI Admin

We’ve been through this, but without the complications you face (i.e. all our units had fireplaces, and all were, by past resolution, the responsibility of the owners). But here’s what you should know anyway:

1. Don’t waste any time trying to find an authority to overturn the WETT inspector’s findings. We did that. Trust me. There is NOBODY who will take on that liability.
2. Your lawyer is probably advising you about communicating that use now is strictly prohibited, as common insurance coverage is at risk now that you have an “unsafe” call. We disclosed fully to our insurer, and told them what we were doing to address the problem. We kept them in the loop the entire time. Keep meticulous records.
3. Before you suggest/allow new wood fireplace installations (with attending maintenance costs, inspections, etc.), do some research on legislation in Canada around wood-burning fireplaces and particulate pollution. BC and the City of Montreal in particular have passed legislation, and it’s coming to every place — unless we happen to get global warming solved first.
4. Once you’re fully prepared with options, info, powerpoint, etc., hold a Town Hall. Show all the options, be prepared to take completed forms and payments on the spot (if applicable), and answer every question, until there are no more questions left.

Good luck.

Terry G on November 27 2017 at 01:11 PM