CCI Admin

The most important camera(s) are the infrared units that capture the license plate of every vehicle leaving the complex, night and day, with one camera at each street access point. I’m confident you will resolve more problems with 1 or 2 infrared units than with all your other cameras combined. Just ask your local Mountie what is the first thing she wants to see…

The second priority is camera coverage that accounts for every vehicle in your well-lit surface parking lot. The cops love it when they can match make, model, colour, and a description of the driver etc. to the license number.

Infrared cameras have to be expertly installed and configured. It’s not a job for your uncle Fred, so don’t buy the handyman specials at CT.

Most of the malfeasance in condo buildings is committed by residents breaking the rules about garbage, cigarettes, or harbouring verboten animals, etc. The video system will pull a lot of these miscreants out of the shadows, but it’s mostly social problems you’re dealing with, not crime, so there’s a limit to what should be invested in a system that has no money payback. Also remember someone has to spend many tedious hours looking at footage that can span a week, or worse in order to catch an event that lasts10 seconds.

Sorry to ramble. My point in short is that the added usefulness of each additional camera goes down rapidly, so it’s vital to identify and cover your most trouble prone locations first, starting with infrared at the street exits.

Gus V on November 27 2017 at 04:13 PM