CCI Admin

Our rules are close to Tom F.’s , where visitors may bring in a pet for a specified number of days. The Owner is held responsible for the pet’s behaviour, keeping it on a leash while on common property, and promptly picking up poop. the Owner must also advise the condominium manager of an upcoming visit.

By and large, we have not encountered much trouble with visiting pets.

The No Pet Bylaw on the other hand will be attractive to buyers who want or require there are no pets living permanently”in the building. It’s a distinct plus to them when looking for a condo. By the same token you close yourself off from offers from people with pets. It is probably wise to have your listing realtor well aware of the Pet rules, and to be forthright about it when qualifying prospective buyers. It’s a “black or white” issue, There is no middle position that works, so don’t allow a discussion to start.

Over the short run in a down market it can be frustrating to be selling a unit that is in a small segment of the overall condo market. But when you do get a prospect who demands No Pets, we’ve found that a deal can happen quickly in an attractive building, because the buyer also has limited choice.

Gus V on June 16 2018 at 05:46 PM