CCI Admin

I’m curious about this question, as there are three scenarios and only two have an address requirement. (I know of no requirement in law to provide anything more than an address.)

1. The owner is resident in their property. You know the address.
2. The owner acts as a landlord. Section 53 requires that the owner provide an address where the owner can be served documents.
3. The owner is non-resident, and not attempting to rent the owner’s unit. Nothing is indicated in the Condo Act or regulations I think.

Land Titles Act requires a “post office address” where documents can be served, so the Board or property manager can obtain that address at any time for $10.

I’d be interested in hearing if there are other requirements, because I think it is important for owners to keep their contact info current for emergency situations or even required maintenance of condo property that requires unit access.

Note: Not a lawyer, this isn’t legal advice or opinion.

Arylnn P on June 19 2018 at 12:14 PM