CCI Admin

As a contractor working on behalf of condo boards and property managers as well as having owned condos and being on the board I would agree with Mark as good contractors are busy and if their time is wasted continuously on the same property without getting any work the word in the industry will travel and you might not get decent contractors to quote on your property anymore. Our rule is after 3 quotes on a property with no work coming forth we stop quoting. People need to remember that an average quote takes 3-4 hrs out of someones day not including your overhead ( vehicle, fuel, etc) this expense needs to be covered. Just like someone working for their boss wouldn’t like to work 3-4 hours for free. Major repairs over $2000 per unit might be good cause for multiple quotes. Anything less and you might find yourself without a decent contractor after a while. Most condo owners have no idea how much time is wasted for both contractors and management companies going back and forth including onsite visits to finalize quotes.

Mike B on August 02 2018 at 04:21 PM