This List Originally Appeared in the 2017 Winter Issue of Insite to Condos

  1. Ask board members, the condo manager and others that are
    involved in the meeting to submit agenda items before the
    meeting day. Set a clear deadline for submission, for example
    one week prior to the meeting. This will ensure everyone will have time to prepare for each discussion.
  2. Provide all information/copies of quotes in advance to all
    attendees. Everyone should review the information PRIOR to
    the meeting to be ready to discuss.
  3. Have a clear and reasonable agenda – Agendas that are not
    complete or Agendas that have too much can cause meetings
    to be ineffective.
  4. Start on Time/End on Time – Meetings tend to run late,
    starting on time enables the meeting to flow according to
    schedule. Respect others’ time and show up ready to go at
    the designated time.
  5. Have someone experienced with Chairing a meeting be the
    Chair (check your bylaws for options). If you don’t have an
    experienced Chair, refer to resources such as Robert’s Rules
    for guidelines on running the meeting.
  6. Set rules of conduct and revisit them regularly to ensure the
    Board remains respectful and on task. Encourage dialogue
    from all participants and discourage having one or two people
    hijack the meeting to suit their personal agendas.
  7. Stay on Schedule – If meetings are taking longer than they
    should, set a time limit for each topic on the agenda (complex
    topics make require more time than others). If a decision
    cannot be reached, you have the option of tabling the
    motion to the next meeting.
  8. Take the time to clearly outline each decision with a motion
    and vote. Record Action Items internally to ensure everyone
    is aware of their future responsibilities and deadlines.
  9. Ensure the minute taker repeats back each motion for proper
    recording purposes. Send a draft copy out to the Board
    within a week of the meeting.
  10. If possible set future meeting dates in advance. Planning
    board meetings far in advance gives directors plenty of notice
    to reach quorum and ensure the business of the condominium
    can be accomplished.