The Fall Issue of Insite to Condos is Now Available!

This is definitely a case of better late than never but we are ready to release the digital version of the Fall Issue of our quarterly magazine, Insite to CondosClick here for the latest news and developments in the condominium community inside our award-winning magazine.

What’s Inside:

  • Condominium Manegment Licensing – Crawling to the Start Line
  • Lorne Young Chapter of the Year Award
  • Early Bird Contest Winners
  • Owners Guide to Condo Living – Condominium Finances 101
  • Ask The Professionals – Accounting for Condos Corps
  • On Board – Condominium Board Member Binders
  • Legal Corner – Updates to Disclosure Package Requirements – Enhanced Protection for Condo Purchasers
  • Regular Articles – President’s Message. Government Advocacy Report, Meet The Board, Membership Musings, and Business Partner Directory.

The physical version of the magazine will be delivered to our members in the coming days and weeks. Please feel free to share the digital version with other condominum owners, board members, or service providers. We strongly encourage our membership to share this magazine on your websites, as we continue to help educate and inform. You can share it by using the Share option while viewing the magazine, or if you need the embed code for your website, please contact Beverley at


If you have any questions about your copies of the magazine, internal content, or advertising, please contact us at