How the STAGE 2 Relaunch Affects Condominiums

With the announcement of the Stage 2 relaunch strategy effective June 12, 2020 and the expiry of the Public Health Emergency on June 15, 2020, there are several changes that corporations should be aware of. Click on the heading titles below for more information.

Ministerial Order 009/2020

This was the order that suspended the requirement to hold AGM and special general meetings. As per the order, once the Public Health Emergency order was terminated, the Ministerial Order remains in effect for 60 more days (i.e. Aug 14, 2020). This does not preclude smaller condominiums from holding their AGM if they follow the large gathering restrictions listed below. Please note that for larger condominiums, gathering restrictions will have to be increased in order to hold an in-person meeting.

Large Gathering Restrictions

According to Service Alberta, condominium general meetings are considered social gatherings and as such the maximum number of attendees allowed for an indoor meeting is 50 provided that the physical distancing requirements are maintained. Outdoor events are restricted to up to 100 attendees.

Fitness Rooms

Although fitness rooms are allowed to re-open, there are a number of different protocols that need to be set up and followed such as equipment distancing, hygiene and sanitation, etc. Communication is key and corporations should ensure they have reviewed, implemented, and are able to maintain the necessary protocols before opening.

Swimming Pools/Whirlpools/Saunas

As with fitness rooms, swimming pools may re-open provided that a responsible person is available to ensure guidance in the protocol document is followed. Whirlpools, hot tubs, dry saunas and steam saunas will remain closed until Stage 3.

Emergency Use of Reserve Funds

Since the Public Health Emergency no longer remains in effect, corporations are no longer able to transfer reserve funds to the operating account due to revenue shortfalls. The good news is that the overwhelming majority of corporations who responded to our survey, did not see a significant increase in condo fees arrears over this period.