While condo board members, owners and condo management may not directly be responsible for the daily operation of a swimming pool/spa on site, it is vital that all members are aware of who is responsible for the swimming pool/spa and how to contact them when needed. It is important that all condominium board members, owners and condo management know the following information about their swimming
pool/spa for the safety of the users:

The swimming pool/spa is under the direct supervision of a certified pool operator. Certified pool operators are trained specifically in swimming pool/spa operations and water safety. All day-to-day operations are the responsibility of this individual. Find out who the certified pool operator is in your property.

According to the Alberta Health Regulations, the certified pool operator or designate, must test the water of the swimming pool/spa DAILY for correct chlorine levels, pH and clarity. Adjustments to the pool water chemistry are made at this time to ensure patron safety and comfort. All adjustments are to be recorded.

All public swimming pools/spas must additionally submit a WEEKLY bacterial water sample to the provincial laboratory. Condo management/staff may be asked to take a sample if the certified pool operator is unavailable. It is imperative that staff are properly trained in the collection of this sample, as incorrect sampling may result in closure of the pool by your local Public Health Inspector.

The swimming pool/spa is also under the directive of a Public Health Inspector. The Public Health Inspector is responsible for reading the weekly lab results and to consult with the operator as needed. All condo boards should have the Public Health Inspector’s contact information if the certified pool operator is unavailable. Please refer to AHS – Environmental Public Health under “Information for Your Business” for more
information on your swimming pool/hot tub.

All condo management should know when and be empowered to close the pool in the case of any form of contamination, clarity issues and/or fecal accidents. Management should always err on the side of caution.

Please also be aware that the Alberta Pool Standards were recently amended in 2017. Please visit AHS Pool Standard Update for Operators to understand the general
changes that may affect your facility. Alternatively, you can contact your Public Health Inspector.

It is important that condo board members know that they are never alone when it comes to dealing with the swimming pool/spa. The certified pool operator and Public Health Inspector are only a phone call away.

Sharon Milroy BSc., CPHI(C) is a Health Educator and Environmental
Health Officer with Alberta Health Services.

This Article Originally Appeared in CCI’s Spring 2018 Magazine