CCI North Alberta Challenges All Main Political Parties Ahead of Crucial Election


CCI North Alberta to host Alberta Condo Expo, largest condo expo in Western Canada

April 28, 2023

Edmonton – The Canadian Condominium Institute, North Alberta Chapter, is hosting the Alberta Condo Expo, ACE, the largest condominium expo in Western Canada, on the eve of a significant election for condominium owners in Alberta.

Approximately 12% of Albertans live in condominiums, yet condominium owners are often left out of critical affordability measures. Over the past decade, CCI North Alberta has been  advocating on behalf of all these owners to bring critical programs and reforms that will help the nearly 500,000 citizens who reside in condominiums and the condominium industry at large. We have successfully partnered with provincial governments past and present to bring positive changes to the condominium community, but further work needs to be implemented.

CCI North Alberta is calling on all political parties to commit to:

1. Establish a Condominium Dispute Tribunal – This tribunal will help adjudicate disputes and provide resolution when conflict arises between owners and boards. Both major political parties have committed to creating a tribunal in the past but have failed to deliver.

2. Provide Electricity Rebates for Condominiums – Many condominium owners were excluded from the utility affordability rebates because their electricity was billed by the utility provider to the condominium corporation, not to the unit owners directly. Condominium corporations have had to raise condominium fees dramatically to cover off the costs of higher utilities. Condominium fees have skyrocketed over the past two years with no relief for condominium owners. The government needs to retroactively include residential condominium corporations in the rebate programs to reduce the inequitable burden on condominium unit owners.

3. Implement a Condominium Building Retrofitting Grant and Green Energy Program – A comprehensive retrofitting grant and incentive program to modify and update condominium and multifamily housing is needed. Aging infrastructure has led to staggering special assessments to retrofit condominiums, material costs and labor shortages have increased the cost of construction significantly. CCI North Alberta is calling on the Alberta Government to invest in green energy initiatives and retrofitting grants to support condominium housing.

4. Clean Up the Condominium Property Act – CCI North Alberta has recommended numerous amendments to the legislation that are required to improve condominium governance and resolve problematic issues. The Alberta Government needs to work with condominium experts and owners to make changes and pass legislation that works for all condominium owners.

CCI North Alberta President Anand Sharma commented that “the condominium community has seen no tangible programs to help them weather the economic distress Albertans have been feeling and they have been left out in the cold when it comes to electricity rebates and affordability measures.”

According to prominent condominium lawyer Victoria Archer, “experts and community have worked diligently to support governments, past and present, to make comprehensive, legislative changes that will better the lives of Alberta condominium owners and the industry.”

President Sharma will be available at ACE to comment to the media at 1pm.

ACE is a one day event that will take place at the NAIT Productivity and Innovation Centre (10210 Princess Elizabeth Ave NW, Edmonton, AB), from 8am to 5pm. Members of Edmonton City Council, and the Provincial government will have opportunities to speak and take questions from attendees throughout the day’s agenda. CCI North Alberta is a not-for-profit organization with a mandate to educate condominium directors, owners and professionals. As the voice of condominium owners and boards, CCI NA represents and advocates to all levels of government on behalf of more than 20,000 condominium owners.

Media inquiries may be directed to Anand Sharma, CCI North Alberta, President 780-953-1130 (cell), or Dan Nielsen, CCI North Alberta, Executive Director 780-235-7627 (cell).