Mask Bylaws and Condominiums


Effective August 1st, the City of Edmonton enforced the Temporary Mandatory Face Coverings Bylaw. Please keep in mind that this bylaw is geared to businesses and public transportation. According to the City’s  Masks Page with FAQs  “The general rule is, if the public does not have access to it, it will be exempt under the bylaw. Condominium building indoor shared spaces are not considered accessible to the public, therefore they would be exempt.” Businesses located in commercial or mixed use condominiums would not receive the same exemption.

Please note that this does not preclude a condo board from passing a resolution to create their own reasonable face covering rule for the indoor common areas (e.g. – hallways, elevators, amenity rooms, etc.). This rule could be enforced immediately on the grounds that it addresses a safety concern as per Section 73.6(2) of the Condominium Property Regulation provided all owners and residents were properly notified (s 73.6(1)). Implementation of such a rule should be reviewed on a case-by-case basis, with considerations for the style of building and resident demographics taken into account. A reminder that no monetary sanction can be imposed for a breach of a rule (s 73.81) and any rule can be amended or repealed by ordinary resolution (s 31.6(1)).

Some other municipalities have either passed or are considering a similar bylaw so please follow up with them directly to ensure your building is in compliance.