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      Rocky Rokovetsky

      Even though we are a smaller Complex, we occasionally get unknown vehicles parking for extended periods of time in our Visitor Parking (VP). For a long weekend or when a snow route restriction is in effect, we don’t generally enforce parking restrictions. When circumstances require a Board response, we worry about placing friendly warnings on owners’ vehicles or accidentally on a legitimate visitor vehicle. We would much rather contact an owner and kindly ask them to move than putting a warning on a windshield that they might not check for a few days.

      What I would like to know please is if anyone tracks vehicle ownership with your owner or renter information in order to locate a particular vehicle’s owner. Obviously the Police cannot provide this info.

      Thanks and cheers,


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      Good Morning Rocky,

      We have all our units vehicles/insurance placed in the office in their files, we have underground parking which is only allowed for the residents of the building, we have a parking lot that is for visitors and we really do not track the vehicles but that has brought up a great topic for the next meeting.

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      Rocky Rokovetsky

      Okay, good to know. I can see units in a high-rise tracking vehicle for insurance purposes especially when underground parking is used. We are on an outdoor level-lot with townhouses, so in our case, I wonder if that is being too nit-picky. Other than these parking violations which are uncommon, we would never require access to owner vehicle information.

      Something for us to discuss and think about. Thank you for your information.

      Rocky R
      Claregreen Square

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      Tim Martinez

      We rely on Board members to monitor both of our visitor parking areas. If we notice a vehicle there for an extended period of time, we’ll monitor and then put a warning on the vehicle and take a picture of the vehicle/plate. In the beginning the warnings were ignored to the point that all of our stalls were being used by residents. After we started having by-law issue tickets it stopped. So far it’s been effective and we rarely have an issue now.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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