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      The Message Forum is open to all members of CCI for conversation purposes. It is meant to be used simply as a question and answer format with members seeking assistance from other members on questions they are not able to answer on their own. Opinions voiced on the Message Forum are not to be used as legal advice. Please contact your legal counsel for legal advice.

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      Guidelines for Posting

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      3. Check to see if your question has been answered previously. Use the Search bar for keywords.

      4. Read your post through before you click on the Save button. Once you hit “Save” it is there for all of us to see (and critique).

      5. Read the entire thread before replying to a Post.
      * If an individual breaks any of the rules mentioned above, their posting access will be removed and/or their Message thread will be deleted. All posts made to these forums express the views and opinions of the individual author and not CCI North Alberta.

      CCI North Alberta Chapter cannot provide legal advice . Please contact your legal counsel for legal advice.

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      Lisa Johnston

      How do I post a question on the forum? I am not familiar with the new look of the forum
      Lisa Johnston

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        Jasira Baldeo

        Hi Lisa,
        From what I can see, click on the FORUM of interest, scroll to the bottom of the page passing all the topics already posted and it is there that you can fill out the form to post a new topic/question in a FORUM.
        I haven’t posted yet as I am familiarizing myself at the moment but I think this is how you can. . .

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      Lisa Johnston

      Does anyone have a sample policy on dealing with harassment of the Board Members

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        Jasira Baldeo

        Hi Lisa,
        Perhaps this question should be posted as a new topic of discussion, if it hasn’t already been asked of course, in the GOVERNANCE FORUM. This FORUM contains Bylaw enforcement, policies, communication, owner/tenant/board issues, etc.

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      Karen Norris

      Hi Eveyone,

      We are a small condo (less than 12 units) and it has recently come to light that one owner has an exterior security camera that records the entire entry way including audio. This is the owners personal system and bot approved by the board. The fact that it records the entry to other units, including audio seems a violation of privacy. Does anyone have any advice on how to handle this?


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