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      Paul Pucylo

      I am posting this in hopes that someone has encountered this situation or can help direct me to a solution.

      We have a tenant in our building that we want evicted. Our board has been dealing with this person for well over a year. We are fairly certain he deals drugs out of our building. He is disruptive to his neighbours. He has less than desirable people entering our building at all hours of the night. He gives his FOB to these people. He has even threatened our building manager.

      Here is where it gets tricky. His parent own the suite. Our property manager has been bringing these issues up to them. They promise he will correct his behaviour, but nothing has changed. He invites a seedy element into our building. We feel it’s only a matter of time before some harm will come to someones person or property.

      Does anyone know if there is something that can be done? I appreciate any feedback you can offer.


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      Brian Heibert

      I hope you have followed the first three rules that come into play in these types of matters.
      1 DOCUMENT
      2. DOCUMENT
      3. DOCUMENT
      Otherwise you probably don’t have much of a hope of achieving anything acceptable.
      If on the other hand you have completely documented all meetings, observations, correspondence, etc. the you may have a good chance of eviction. Follow the ACT, the REGS, and your bylaws for guidance on how to evict. Good luck.

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        Paul Pucylo

        Thanks Brian. YES! We have been documenting. We even have some video evidence of improprieties. Our bylaws are a joke. But I am checking the ACT out.

        I appreciate your input.

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      Rafal Dyrda

      Look at the condo act, it gives the board the ability to evict tenants/renters and owners.

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      Carrie Plett

      Unless the son is listed on the title, he is a tenant (regardless of his relationship to the titled owner). You will want to verify with your legal counsel, but I believe that he can be evicted as per the CPA like any other tenant is who is in violation of the Bylaws. You will need your documentation to proceed, but it is possible. Good luck

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      Paul Pucylo

      Thanks Carrie,

      I appreciate the counsel. We believe we have a strong case. Fingers crossed.


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