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      Donna Alix

      We are situated on a bareland condominium property, and have had a request from a resident, to erect a flag pole and Canadian Flag. This flag pole and flag, will be on the owners’ property, not the common property.
      Our bylaws state that ….”decorations” are not to be installed on the grounds without prior written consent of the board”.
      We held a board meeting, and we are all in favor of not having the flag displayed, making it perfectly clear that we are not
      AGAINST the flag as such, but the precedent it could create for future owners to erect flags of any description. We have a total of 38 units here, and you can see the problem this could create.
      Any thoughts as to our legal right to reject the request, such that it is the Canadian Flag we are talking about, not a skull and cross bones, etc.
      Thank you.
      Donna Alix
      Eastridge Condo Associaton

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