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      Marlene Beattie

      I am a Board Member in Horizon Village duplex Triplex one story units. I need an explanation on a part of the By-Law:
      By Law reads: Owners Duties
      An Occupant Shall:
      permit the Corporation and its agents, at all reasonable times or reasonable notice, except in case o emergency, when no notice is required, to enter the Owner’s Unit or Exclusive Use Area for the purpose of:
      – inspecting, maintaining, repairing or replacing pipes, wires, cables, ducts, conduits, plumbing, sewer, water, gas, electrical, transformer, telephone an telecommunications lines and other facilities for the furnishing of utilities existing in the Unit and capable of being used in connection with the enjoyment of any or Common Property, or for the purpose of maintaining repairing and updating the Common Property.
      We recently had a backup valve problem in a unit. They replaced the flange in the toilet, seal and backup valve. What is the Corporation responsible for and what is the owner responsible for? Is any part of this considered part of the plumbing of the unit as all is internal.

      I have to put my login information each time I access CCI, it will not save it.

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