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      Paul Pucylo

      I am hoping someone can help me understand something. Please correct me if I am wrong. Our building consists of 135 units. Our last AGM was in September. I believe we normally have to have the next one within 15 months. I know when Covid-19 hit, there was a ministerial order allowing a suspension of AGM’s. I believe this is now lifted. Am I correct on this? If so, is there an extension. In all reality we are probably in the pandemic well into next year. We would have a difficult time social distancing in an AGM setting. Furthermore, I don’t see an online forum working with so many owners in our building. If anyone has clarification, I would greatly appreciate it.

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      The Ministerial Order addressing the suspension of AGM’s will lapse in mid-August at which time we expect the government to either loosen the restrictions for large gatherings or provide some additional direction to the condominium community.

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