Sandra Thompson

Our complex is self-managed and I suspect that there are more. With the mandatory requirement for new By-laws comes a very large cost to formulate them. The outlined changes will be mandatory in every condo’s By-laws. I’m pretty sure that some of the Boards of these complexes are in a quandry, just like ours, not knowing where the large cost of getting these By-laws prepared and registered is going to come from. In an effort to keep costs manageable and condo fees stable, and hopefully avoiding a special assessment, is it possible that these smaller complexes might consider forming a type of “co-op” to have mirror image by-laws developed with consideration being given to the requirements of the individual complex. Surely there cant be that much that can be exclusive to each of these complexes. The cost would be shared by participating complexes making the cost bearable and not put a financial strain on the complexes coffers.