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I believe the issue around raffles is that it’s a game of chance and so it’s regulated by the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission (AGLC)… they need to know how many tickets are going to be printed, etc. etc…. not the same for the garage sale issue, you’re selling something that you don’t want/need anymore and someone is paying you for that.

From what I found, you don’t need a permit from the City for a garage sale, although you cannot hold more than three garage sales at a residence in a year. And, you can’t post signs on City property (a $250 fine).

Here’s the rules that I found and the City website link:

(From the City’s website:)

Rules for Garage Sales

•You do not need a licence from the City to hold a garage sale
•A maximum of 3 garage sales per calendar year may be held from one location and for no longer than 3 consecutive days
•Holding garage sales longer than the allotted times requires a development permit and business licence
•Garage sale holders are liable and obligated to ensure the items sold at a garage sale are safe and have not been recalled by the manufacturer for the product
•For a listing of items that should not be sold, please visit ?Health Canada or view ?Facts for garage sale vendors (links are on the website)
•Garage sale signs must not be posted on City property

(and here’s the link:)


Good luck w/your sale!

Chris V on May 02 2018 at 09:31 PM