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I would avoid individual meters whenever possible for a complex as a whole.

I did the calculations and in one example, switching from individually metered suites to a single meter for the whole complex saves everyone 40% per person a month by eliminating the fixed charges (dist charge, dist demand charge, transmission charges, transmission demand, @ Avg KwH per unit factor 0.374521642).

You need to realize that Electricity itself is cheap. You pay extra for the administration and distribution. Don’t let electric cars be the reason you pay more to the utility companies by way of admin fees and adding more meters. That is wasteful. Do the math. Electricity use is a rather inelastic commodity and charging more or less for it has very little difference on how people consume it. I know you want to make things fair by only charging the person that uses the power, but consider first that the entire energy market is unfair to all of you collectively and then work out the minutia. Again, work out every possible savings – you and the rest of your community might be surprised by how much you could all save as a whole. Go against the trend of individually metered units, and you’ll save.

But yeah, once you have all that worked out, I like Arylnn’s idea of a volunteer donation – but 20$ is too high, 10$ is reasonable for a pure EV and 5$ a month is fine for a hybrid. You must realize that electric vehicles are much more efficient than gasoline, and electricity is remarkably cheap in comparison to gasoline. If it is a pure EV (electric vehicle) you could go with the national stats can average based on 16000km of driving a year, and 33KwH per 160KM (Nissan Leaf figures, Tesla is much cheaper still) that’s 267KwH per month

8.89$ per month of electricity (@$0.03333), and
2.29$ for fixed fees (dist charge @$0.00423 and transmission @$0.00474)

You can see for yourself that this is not a huge expense to anyone. Divided by every resident, I’m not sure how big your building is, but It likely works out to two bits a unit. This would be covered completely if you switched from individually metered units to a single meter.The only thing I’d watch out for is the demand charges if the whole complex was going to start buying electric cars, but generally people charge cars at night when the demand is lowest, but it could bump you up to a higher price bracket. For a few cars, it’s negligible.

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Bernard J on November 27 2017 at 12:25 PM