CCI Admin

You might want to also start paying attention to how many people leave all their lights on, even when they aren’t home. You might want to also start paying attention to who does laundry 5 times a day, and who doesn’t do laundry at all. Perhaps some residents have all LED bulbs, and others are using incandescent.

My point is, if you start policing energy usage, you better do it to everyone, because a conscientious electric car owner, who bought that car to save on energy usage globally, may take issue if you are targeting them alone.

I would first take advantage of the Energy Audits and consultation programs the province has right now. They will update all your light bulbs to LED, change your thermostat, and even update some of you plumbing in your personal residence – for free. Share this news with everyone in the complex first, before you start zeroing in on one person driving an electric car.

There are going to be more and more electric cars every year. Try to offset this increase in electricity consumption by lowering your consumption in every other way first, not only that, measure the difference afterwards… and share the results of your pioneering work with your residents. As a group you may be able to save more in the long run; this would more than offset one car. Encourage these savings, think more long term, have a vision of how the future will look… globally! As a whole, all of you will save more money every year if you all stopped spending money on gas and used electric cars. The savings are there to be had – you just need the wherewithal to seize it.

You could also standardize the procedure for any sort of infrastructure upgrades required for charge stations, to make sure that it is done properly.

Lastly, I doubt your bylaws allow you to charge back electricity costs for anything, and more likely, they are plainly written that you must provide electricity to everyone. You may need to get those re-written if you are committed to the contrary path – this too will come at some expense, and again, your electric car owner may take issue with you spending board money to write rules that target one car. Far better to consider a path to inclusion.

The future is now. Autonomous cars will be on the market in greater numbers yearly. The Tesla is class two autonomous and the grand caravan replacement will be class 3 and I believe it is electric as well due out next year.

Bernard J on November 24 2017 at 11:51 AM