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Hi! We have been called on to look at the EV issue (our company manages utilities and submeters for many sites in the province), and I can offer the following:
– fast chargers do require a higher voltage level, but many (if not all?) EVs also have a slower charging option that is at the normal 120 V level.
– depending on the time of year, you may need to increase or improve the capacity of the lines feeding the EV station (i.e. a normal 15 A breaker will not do for any EV system that is on the same circuit as outdoor parking lot plugs).
– Are the parking lot plugs in the parking garage paid for by individual unit holders as well? If a unit holder turns off their main power supply, does their parking plug go dark as well? If this is the case, there should be no issues as the unit holder will be paying for their own charging. However, if the parking lot plugs are just from the ‘common area’ or building systems as a whole, then you may want to add a small submeter to the plugs feeding the charger and allocate those costs specifically to the EV owner. Using a calculated charge is also possible, although certainly not the best depending on how often the EV owner is taking their car out each day.

I’d be happy to discuss further if you wish – call our office (780-429-4774) or email submetering@solution105.com.

Chris Vilcsak
President & CEO
Solution 105 Consulting Ltd.
Director, CCI Northern Alberta

Chris V on April 27 2018 at 04:33 PM