CCI Admin

Responding to Bob S:

Official ID like a driver’s license is there so we can conveniently prove who we are.

When Air Canada asks to see your driver’s license at the departure gate, you have the option of refusing, in which case you can then drive or walk to Saskatoon, or catch the train in three days! The airlines demand ID thousands of times a day, So I’m no lawyer but I kinda think it’s legal. Bar staff seem uninhibited in asking the junior clientele to kindly prove their age or get out.

Plus-55 Condos are in the same position. They have a discriminatory but perfectly legal age provision, and are entitled to ask for proof of age; the prospective resident can refuse to give it, in which case she doesn’t get to live here. There’s no compulsion, just options.

As an aside, I would refrain from copying or taking a photo of someone’s license, but just make a paper note of the essentials: license number, dob, full name and home address. People are more comfortable when it’s clear their info, (especially photos) is not going into a database to be hacked by the dark side. If the age verification is done by your condo management company, have them assure the applicant(s) that their data will not be divulged to anyone, (including board members) unless it involves a valid court order to produce information. The manager should also tell the board only whether the applicant meets the age rule; nothing more.

In summary, I wouldn’t worry the legality of asking for information, but have policy and procedures in place to guarantee that entrusted information is kept private and confidential.

Gus V on March 25 2018 at 03:02 PM