CCI Admin

Aw, come on guys. Take a look at your driver’s license. Date of birth is verified with photo ID. You note down the license number, and it’s end of discussion.

The spouse of a qualifying 55+ buyer is in, no matter what his or her age (but presumably over 15 to make the “spouse” thing legal)

If the buyer doesn’t have a driver’s license, then a passport or a Nexus card provides highly official verification including photo ID.

There’s no need here to take a prospective buyer’s toe nail clippings to the university labs for carbon dating.

If your condo corp is having its bylaws amended with respect to a +55 provision, I would soften the wording to allow a purchase to proceed for buyers who are within a certain number of months, or possibly a year or two, of their 55th birthday. As a seller I would be some upset if a sale falls through because the buyer is a couple of months away from her 55th birthday!

Gus V on March 19 2018 at 01:10 PM