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We -Stellar MGMT- mailed it out to all the residents, gave plenty of notice, and keep records of each pass. The number doesn’t correspond to the unit number, for privacy.

No advance notice is needed, only the pass is needed – and without exception – it must be displayed.

Abuse from owners was the least of our concern near the arena, it was outsiders we were most concerned about, however if a resident is abusing the system, residents can make a complaint – provide us the number on the pass – and we can go back and check the cameras and then provide warnings – followed by a fine, followed by complete ban with the pass number being added to a list with the towing company.

We do not pay for the service, as there are many opportunities for the towing company to make money on towing and lot fees – being so close to the arena.

I hesitate to share where the passes are made, as I don’t want them to be duplicated, but they are very difficult to copy locally.


Alicia J on February 26 2018 at 09:34 AM