CCI Admin

We use Canadian Western Bank , they have a condo account. They will match rates when possible. Alanda Ferster , 780-988-8607 at South Edmonton Common is really good.
Remember only !00,000 in each account is CDIC insured for Reserve Funds.
1. They pay 1.1% on a Reserve savings account that I use to transfer into each month our monthly contribution for the reserve fund from operating.
2. We have a CWB Valiant account where we have Reserve GIC’s to = $100,000 , CDIC INSURED
3. CWB TRUST account with GIC to = $100,000.
In total we have $300,000 which is insured. Then for the surplus we use RBC Securities where we have more investments all CDIC insured.
We pay much lower fees at CWB now that we are self managed. I can transfer and print statements and bank online.

Eleanor M on November 28 2017 at 07:00 PM