CCI Admin

We send out an emergency contact sheet with the info package for new owners or when we are advised of renters. It carries a notice that “This information is being collected for the purpose of allowing the XYZ Board or its agents to contact owners and/or residents regarding Corporation business and/or in emergency situations.”

It includes:
* Suite number
* All legal owners shown on title with service addresses (if non-resident), phone(s), email
* All occupants (owners and/or tenants, full-or part-time), phone(s), email
* Pets (type, name, description, comments)
* Vehicle (owner, make, model, color, plate)
* Emergency contact who is resident elsewhere (name, phone(s), address or email)

We update this annually, and add or delete with sales or tenant moves.

A consolidated “residents sheet” is given only to current board members, who are frequently reminded that the information is confidential and cannot be shared or used for any other purpose. This allows any one of them to take the lead in an emergency rather than having to locate administration and lose valuable time.

This was critical information that we had on hand when we experienced a fire in 2013 and were able to share it with the fire department and insurance company as the building was burning. We were also able to locate people who were unaccounted for after the fire through this collection of information. I cannot imagine how difficult it would have been without it.

No one has complained other than to whine a little bit about having to re-submit it annually, saying their info hasn’t changed when in fact they have lost a pet, or a spouse, someone has moved in, or they have given up their land line. So we persist with the collection.

Having worked in FOIP and PIPA some years ago, it is my understanding that information must only be collected for a stated and relevant purpose, and used only for that purpose, and a statement to that effect included on the collection document. I believe that we have met those obligations.

Ours is a 15-unit building, volunteer board and administration.

Penny S on May 28 2018 at 03:28 PM