CCI Admin

You are so right. If owners are informed about the Revenue and expenses on a regular basis, the majority would not be surprised, or against getting the Corporation finances in order. Most of us want our Corporation to be “healthy financially “. After all, it is our home and our investment.
Our Corporation also just received a special assessment, and we Owners have not really got a good explanation as to why, and what it is needed for.
I’m in total agreement that for Condo Corporations to be successful, the owners need to be involved and knowledgeable. Boards need to be accessible and open communication is extremely important. If owners are kept involved and in the know, the sense of community grows and everyone is happy. It’s easier to be supportive if you are aware of the issues. Secrets and surprises just makes everyone suspicious and angry.

Jeanette B on July 27 2018 at 08:40 AM