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At present there are no legislative requirements about Special Assessments. There are no legislated requirements that Owners be sent a “Budget Package”, even with the annual budget. If there are any requirements they often vary from Corporation to Corporation and are in the Corporation’s Bylaws.

When the proposed Regulations are adopted by Executive Counsel and the related Condominium Property Act sections are enacted, there will be legislated requirements about Special Assessments.

Section 39 of the Condominium Property Act speaks to how each Owner’s portion of contributions is determined. It states:

39(1) In addition to its other powers under this Act, the powers of a corporation include the following:

(c) to raise amounts so determined by levying contributions on the owners
(i) in proportion to the unit factors of the owners’ respective units, or
(ii) if provided for in the bylaws, on a basis other than in proportion to the unit factors of the owners’ respective units;

If you have concerns about the Special Assessment, you should obtain a copy of the minutes at which the Assessment was approved and then if you still have questions, write to your Board members.

Victoria A on July 25 2018 at 01:53 PM