CCI Admin

I think that it needs to be noted that before going out for quote that the specifics of the work required are drafted so all contractors are quoting on the same scope of work otherwise you could end up comparing apples to oranges. We ran into this scenario when it came to concrete repairs and eaves troughs. In both instances there was no comparison in the specs that were quoted. When in doubt get a quote from ONE well regarded contractor and base the requests for two additional quotes on the same specs the first one quoted on. Also watch ongoing prices for your regular contractors. Their prices tend to incresae if they think they have a captive audience and especially for annual work, ie. arborist, landscaping, it is a good strategy to let them know you will be getting other quotes and helps keep their prices competitive. For capital projects there certainly should be at least three quotes which are recorded and voted on.

Ruth G on August 03 2018 at 05:52 PM