CCI Admin

This practice is becoming somewhat of an industry norm, which I feel needs to be stopped immediately! Condominium Management companies are paid to facilitate and coordinate projects. Taking advantage of the situation is not ethical nor is it right! What’s next, an extra payment bonus is if someone gets a specific job? Anyone that defends this type of activity is criminal and should be treated as such. This is like adding administration fees to special assessments, lets tax the ones already going through hardships. If a Condominium Management company is not willing to do AB and C then they should move onto another industry. Stealing from the average Condominium Owner increases prices for work. At the end of the day the client is paying. There should not be any costs to bring contractors to the table. The contractors that are paying these fees should be questioned as well…………………..

Curtis S on September 10 2018 at 08:59 AM