CCI Admin

Our bylaws state that you can have a total of two pets- cats, dogs, or birds. The dogs must be less than 15″ at the shoulder. All pets are subject to Board approval. I think it is very important to get as close to consensus as possible with bylaws, because we are not supposed to ignore them or make exceptions. They are to be enforced (info from CCI). It can make the Board’s job very difficult if exceptions are made – who remembers who gets the special favours, how is it documented, why are some owners or residents given exceptions while others are not, and especially because Boards change and therefore personal opinions and values change. Our Board has a policy binder with policies written by the Board and handed out to all owners for feedback and editing. Our standard is trying to please 75% of folks with the policies so that we have cooperation. Our Bylaws are followed without exception.

Barbara S on August 21 2018 at 11:32 AM