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Hello Kelly S,

You may want to have the Hallway Make Up Air or MUA balancing done.

June is correct, the suites are not air tight and are designed to be leaky. The smells in each unit are supposed to escape under the doors and travel down the hallways and then get scooped up by the MUA vents at the end of the hallway and evacuated outside. When it is working properly, no one should smell anything from another unit, but you can smell all kinds of interesting odors in the hallways. that’s actually how it is supposed to be. But when people block the bottom of their doors, adjust the fresh air vents in their suites, and cover them up and so on, it throws the balance of positive pressure in the suites out of whack causing some suites to smell things and others to have too much air being blown about and so on. It is really difficult to fix once it is out of whack, and will likely be tampered with soon after it is repaired, unless everyone is both properly educated and the consequences are made clear.

You may want to make the smokers responsible for their own odors, and reference the appropriate bylaws to accomplish this task.

Unless this is an old walk up without an MUA, then the smells are likely just following pipes through the walls into the neighbouring suites, and there’s no easy fix to that either. For these situations, I always recommend smoking units establish one air tight room in their suite – using caulking, door sweeps, and anything else – as well as purchase it’s own air filtration system, like Blueair Blue Pure 211 air purifier, or the Honeywell HPA300 air purifier – which are both very effective at filtering out smoke. This way, they can maintain their right to smoke in their suite, and it doesn’t affect the health of neighbouring units. This compromise has been very effective in our older buildings; though the added expense is not welcome, it is less than several bylaw violations, and once established both parties enjoy an increased quality of life, as the smells disappear and the air is cleaned and the convenience of smoking indoors is preserved.

Originally Posted by Alicia J