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Condominium Management 100 (CCI Seminar)

NEW – One Day Only

This course is invaluable for new managers, Board members and owners who are interested in being aware of the overall process of Condominium Management and administration. Part of the CM 100/200/300 series, this session delves into:

  • How condominiums are created and governed,
  • Board administrative and financial responsibilities,
  • Management considerations, and
  • Meeting protocol.

A continental breakfast and light lunch are provided along with a significant resource binder that will be very beneficial for future reference.

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Condo Manager Session: How the Upcoming Changes Affects Your Role (CCI Luncheon)

Originally scheduled for last fall, now that the Government has released the Stage 2 Regulation updates as well as indicated which sections of the Condominium Property Amendment Act will be coming into force it’s back to school time! This session will help make condominium managers aware of all of the changes that will affect the management of the Corporation once enacted. The changes are substantial and will vary in detail and complexity so it is critical for any condominium manager providing direction for their clients that they understand the nuances of the added responsibilities.  A networking luncheon is also included for all attendees.

Condominium Management 200 (CCI Seminar)

CM 200 Practical Management Principles – is a work intensive, hands-on level of condominium study designed for directors and managers, responsible for the day to day activities associated with the control, management and administration of a corporation.

Topics come complete with resource materials, samples and examples and will include: enforcing & amending bylaws, record keeping, disclosure requirements, contracts, dealing with rentals, dealing with difficult people, conflict resolution, financial records, budgets, setting condo fees, special assessments, collections, audits, Estoppel certificates and information statements, maintenance & repair, reserve fund studies, types of insurance coverage, appraisals, deductibles, and bonding.

Condominium Management 300 (CCI Seminar)

CM 300 is a specialty designed management level course for condominium managers, professionals and directors who oversee the self-management of a corporation.

Topics include dealing with the developer, bare land condominium, enforcing bylaws using sanctions and court action, handling insurance claims and using insurance claim proceeds, collecting condo fees after caveats, investing and borrowing money, disaster planning, evicting tenants, employee/employer relationships, and human rights matters.