Condominium Dispute Resolution Tribunal Update

Condominium Dispute Resolution Tribunal Not Proceeding in 2022

In March, condominium stakeholder organizations were invited to a meeting with the Minister of Service Alberta. Minister Glubish confirmed that while the government remains committed to implementing the Condominium Dispute Resolution Tribunal, the resources are not available to move forward this year. This update is disappointing to say the least, and we expressed to Minister Glubish that the need for the Tribunal is urgent.

As outlined in Budget 2022, the Alberta government’s spending priorities this year focus on building our health system capacity, education, and economic recovery, including job creation. As a result, the establishment of a tribunal will not proceed at this time. While this is disappointing news, the Minister confirmed that the department will continue collaborating with stakeholders including CCI  to develop a model for a tribunal that will meet the needs of the condominium community, and is affordable and effective.

Though we are disappointed and we were hoping to see more progress on this issue, we do appreciate that Minister Glubish took the time to deliver this news himself and take questions from condominium stakeholders. Minister Glubish committed to continuing to collaborate with stakeholders to develop a model for a tribunal that will meet the needs of the condominium community and one that will be affordable and effective. CCI North Alberta is conferring with other condominium stakeholder organizations on our plans for continuing to advocate on this issue.