Bill 19 Brings Welcome Amendments to Condominium Property Act

After extensive and productive consultations with stakeholders, the Government of Alberta has put forward a number of amendments to the Condominium Property Act.
Changes include:
  • Streamlining the requirements for voting which will improve owners’ ability to participate in the governance of their condominiums and will help keep administrative costs down.
  • Clarifications on chargebacks to ensure the legislation works as intended when it comes to accountability for unexpected costs or damages in condominiums.
  • New clarity on the requirements for assessments of converted buildings.
CCI North Alberta along with other condominium stakeholders have been advocating for these changes for several years, especially the amendments that will, if passed, streamline voting and clarify the requirements for chargebacks.


Our Chapter President and Government Advocacy Co-Chairs are both quoted in the government’s release:

“We are pleased to see the government respond to our advocacy efforts by bringing these changes forward. By cutting red tape and listening to stakeholders, the amendments proposed will be of great help to the condominium community.”
Anand Sharma, President, CCI North Alberta Chapter


“These amendments represent a great step forward when it comes to making sure the Condominium Property Act works as intended to protect consumers. The amendments will help ensure that those doing damage are held financially accountable while also providing a framework for individuals to challenge doubtful or unsubstantiated chargebacks.”
Hugh Willis, Government Advocacy Co-Chair, CCI North Alberta Chapter
The Canadian Condominium Institute North Alberta Chapter’s advocacy, on behalf of our members, played a key role in advancing these amendments. We support Bill 19 and we look forward to its passage and implementation.


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